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30 November 2012 @ 03:26 pm
I'm almost halfway through and I find I keep putting it down so I won't read it too fast! LOL! I love this book even more than the third book!

Mina rocks.
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03 August 2011 @ 07:32 pm
 I think members of the community should decide whether fanworks- i.e., fanart, fanfiction, etc.- should be allowed on this community. I believe it should be, at least for now, as there is no community on Livejournal for it.

I am allowing it at the moment, but if anyone objects, please vote in the poll and comment below. If the majority says no, then I will no longer allow fanworks to be posted on this community. 

Poll #1766902 Fanworks

Should Fanworks Be Allowed?

Yes, as long as it is tagged and under a cut
I don't care
Never- There should be a seperate community.
Also, should this rule apply to any icons people make? Or do people generally view that as different than fiction or art and don't care? 

And finally: Is the current layout alright with everyone? It can be changed. Should I make a poll for that? 
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03 August 2011 @ 07:23 pm
 Welcome to the only (as far as I know) community on Livejournal for the Tapestry series by Henry Neff. The main objective of this community is to provide a place for fans of the series to come together and discuss the books or get information about them.
Before everything gets started, please check out the rules listed below. 


1) Please be respectful to other members of the community. That means no fighting or flaming or 
insulting fellow members or their posts in the community. Please help keep this place fun and informative for everyone.
2) Please make sure that anything you post here is relevant to the main interests of the comm. 
That means post things relevant to the Tapestry series or Henry Neff ONLY. 
Keep all personal posts to your OWN journal.
3) Please do not link to locked posts without a warning for future readers. Regardless if 
it's a review of one of the books, or a news post, if you're going to link to a locked post, please warn everyone in advance. It can be quite frustrating to most to try and read something and end up unexpectedly blocked. 
4) Please use the LJ cut. Long entries spam people's friend lists and not everyone's bandwidth can support them as easily. If you have any questions regarding the length of a post, or how to use an LJ cut, you are free to PM me or add a note at the bottom of your post. I promise to try and get to it as quickly as I can.
5) Be mindful of spoilers. Not everyone may have reached the same part of the book(s) as you, so please warn for any spoilers in your posts. Discussion posts will automatically have a warning for spoilers at the top. 
6) Please ask permission through PM or by commenting on this post before advertising a new community. The same thing applies for affiliates. However, it is unlikely that you will be denied, so go ahead and ask! : )
7) Please try to avoid spamming the community with too many posts. At the moment any post is welcome, but once the community gets going spam can clutter people's friends' lists. 
Failure to meet any of these rules can result in the deletion of your comment/post, and/or a possible ban from the community.  
N.B.: These rules might be subject to some change at a later date, dependent upon the community itself and the agreement of any mods to add/remove/change a rule. 
I am currently looking for some other mods to take care of the comm. So please, comment with suggestions, or PM me. I am only one person, and the only one currently taking care as best I can of this community. 

All right everyone! Come join and let's have fun! :  ) 
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